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Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Ntroducing UltraShape Power.  thai massage & cupping

UltraShape Power is the primary and handiest non-invasive body contouring technique to get hold of FDA approval. It makes use of targeted, pulsed ultrasound to selectively spoil fat cells. It is a visionary remedy choice, this is currently unmatched via every other methods to be had on the market.

How Does it Work?
UltraShape exactly offers ultrasound electricity directly into the cussed fat this is discovered underneath the skin’s floor. Rapidly fluctuating pressure waves create vapor cavities in the fats cells. This causes fat mobile membranes to rupture with out harming pores and skin, nerves or blood vessels surrounding the remedy location.

Am I a Good Candidate For UltraShape?
Whilst UltraShape isn’t always suitable for drastic weight reduction, it is the appropriate answer for women and men who want to eliminate cussed fats in positive hassle areas of their frame. It is likewise crucial to understand that for choicest effects, the UltraShape remedy is most effective when used to supplement an lively life-style and wholesome ingesting habits.

Ultherapy Before and After Photos
*How is UltraShape Different?
UltraShape Power is nonsurgical, which means there are no incisions, no anesthetic vital and no downtime later on. UltraShape is entirely ache-unfastened and leaves no visible signs and symptoms of remedy, unlike other fat- reduction strategies that freeze fat or use warmness to interrupt it down.

*What Makes UltraShape Better Than CoolSculpting?
Fewer periods gave that a extra surface area may be dealt with every time
Sessions are quicker with the ‘fly mode’
Patients revel in no pain after the system, as compared to a considerable percent who revel in paresthesias (nerve ache) after CoolSculpting
No suggested paradoxical growth in fats (so no extra liposuction required)
The provider is gift in the course of complete treatment taking into consideration a custom designed approach

*Is There Any Pain?
Unlike different methods of non-invasive fats removal, there may be without a doubt no ache throughout or after an UltraShape remedy. The most important sensation throughout remedy is that of a moderate vibration with from time to time very moderate warmness. This revel in is in assessment to the pretty extreme warmth and/or pain associated with conventional, older ultrasound gadgets, lasers, and radio-frequency gadgets. Patients undergoing an UltraShape remedy may also not revel in the cold soreness and put up-method nerve ache pronounced with fat-freezing gadgets.

*When Will I See Results?
Most sufferers are capable of see effects in as little as * weeks after the primary UltraShape treatment. However, for maximum effect, three consecutive treatments spaced weeks apart are endorsed.

*How Long is the Recovery Time?
There is no downtime in any way after an UltraShape remedy. Patients can resume normal each day activities right away after the process, which is performed in the office and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Take The First Step
For more statistics about UltraShape treatments on the Laser Skin Center in Long Beach, CA – or to agenda your session, call us nowadays at (562) 418-6550.

*Individual consequences may additionally range

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Ronald James H – June 15, 2021
Parking sucks!! There aren’t any stalls.

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Dr. Hogan changed into very expert and thorough. I could extraordinarily advise her.

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I am satisfied to say that my anxiety over traveling a new health practitioner become alleviated the minute I met with Dr. Hogan. She asked me what I wanted and she or he is reserved with her approach -which I appreciate. She instructed me what she concept might advantage me and I plan to head returned once I’ve looked into her hints (which she wrote down for me). Was also open approximately what she’s carried out to her very own face and that helped i…

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Grace C – June 3, 2021
Staff become very friendly exquisite customer service I have endorsed them to my friends.

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Marlene Rau – June 2, 2021
Dr. Kane and the relaxation of the personnel at Laser Skin Care Center are extremely professional and beneficial with any questions on my skin health that I actually have had. I actually have already encouraged their offerings to numerous own family participants.


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